Razors Edge The Ultimate Pitbull

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These images do not belong to me they used to show examples of the Razors Edge pit bull.

Wilson and Barksdale

Dave Wilson and Carlos Barksdale created the Razor’s Edge Pit Bull bloodline. The started with game dogs and began reading any and all literature and magazines related to the breed. Together, they purchased some of the best game dogs, even paying $3,500 for the grandson of “Plumbers Alligator,” who was mainly a Mayfield line dog. They collected many game bred pit bulls ranging from Hemphil to Wilder bloodlines.  

They eventually got in contact with George Williams in Washington, DC. They purchased Diablo from Wildside Kennels, who was the beginning of the Razor’s Edge bloodline. Diablo was a rather large and muscular dog who would have the stature to add the size, bone, and structure that they were looking to add to their breeding program.

Dave’s intent was to create a blood line of dogs that were short and stocky. His bloodline would have dogs with thicker legs and larger heads; the muzzles would be squarer and shorter than other Pit Bull bloodlines. The Razor’s Edge bloodline is similar to the traditional Pit Bull, although it is less game and do not have the same high level of drive.

When Pit Bulls were banned in PG County, Dave was forced to move out of the area. He moved to Virginia, where he still resides (as of 2012). The Razor’s Edge Kennel has created over seven generations of pure Razor’s Edge bloodline Pit Bulls.

This bloodline is highly sought after, which makes their price increase. Many breeders try to keep their Razor’s Edge lines pure, but you will find some that will breed the line to the Gotti bloodline, creating a more bully Pit Bull.

Razors Edge

Perhaps the developers of Razor pit bulls, commonly referred to as Razor Edge pit bulls, were employing the principle of Occom's Razor when they developed the Razor Edge bloodline. The developers selected the simplest traits to create the  bloodline. From this bloodline emerged the original American Bully. In light of the negative press surrounding pit bulls, American Bullies are much more than a breed; they are a movement and a lifestyle. Perhaps American Bullies will restore the bad reputation of pit bulls.   Razors Edge pitbulls come in all sizes and colors including Blue Nose Pitbulls, Blue Fawn Pitbulls, XL Pitbulls, Red Nose Pitbulls, Extreme Pitbulls, Bully pitbulls and Champagne Pitbulls.


The Razor Edge Pit Bulls consolidated all of the pit bull types into one bloodline. In the 1980s, the breeders selected the "drive and muscularity" of original pit bulls, the "size and substance" of show pit bulls and the "mellower demeanor and clean look" of the American Staffordshire terriers. The Razor's  Edge bloodline is about the ultimate look. This look consisted of "heavier built dogs with heavy bone structure." Instead of a terrier emphasis, the developers wanted to bring out more of the bull qualities. Interestingly, the breeders bred  females that looked like males.  In 1990, Razors Edge was mastered. The movement  that would follow is one where American Bully and pit bull lovers would do "something positive for their dogs." Razors Edge fight breed specific legislation and "reintroduced the breed (Pit Bull)  to the Nation (USA) who created it." The creators intentionally did not include "pit" and did include  "American" in the name. Some of our pitbull puppies for sale have some razors edge ancestors.