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**Pitbull Empire Breedings** 

We will have a few breedings a year (inside and out). With these breedings we plan on producing and building upon the characteristics we love about this breed. We will offer a few American Bully  puppies for sale to the public. We will take deposits on these breedings, and the balance of the payment is due before the puppy turns 7 weeks old! Be sure to read our contract before placing any deposits. All of our puppies will be UKC registered. Deposits are $500.00

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HBK's Deacon (XLU Dexter X HBK's Cabela)  has been bred to our girl Halo (Blaise x Jade)!  Deacon is a beast with huge bone, head and mass! At about 120 Lbs Deacon he has an excellent temperament and demeanor...a gentle giant! Halo is as sweet as they come, she has great structure, confirmation, bone and beauty!  Puppies are due June 25th! Taking deposits now!

HBK'S Gorilla Grodd   X   Sociah - Sold Out

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HBK'S Gorilla Grodd  X Sociahs' puppies due January 24th! Grodd is a beast, an even bigger version of his dad "Pretty Boy Floyd"! He is about 21 inches tall and will top out at about130 LBS. Handsome and big boned, he and Sociah are the perfect match! Sociah is as smooth as they come, she is compact and wide, with great bone and temperament! 

                                         Acepting Deposits Now!

Sold Out

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This is the blue fawn pitbull breeding I have been waiting on, the one you will wish you got in on....Bringing you the Best of all Worlds...producing pitbull puppies with Bone, Mass, Drive, Muscle, Size and Structure! 

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We will not hold a puppy without a deposit..

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Place a Deposit at time of Breeding to Guarantee the puppy of your choice.  Deposits are  $500. Deposits are refundable only through fault of the breeder/breeding. Deposits can be transferred to another breeding if arraignments are agreed upon. Please read/Sign Our Contract and Contact Us before making a deposit.