Train Your Bully Pitbull!

Are pitbulls aggressive?  Do you have an aggressive pitbull?

Many myths surround the American Pitbull Terrier, we will teach you how to train a pitbull puppy to be a friendly and happy Pitbull dog that will be the perfect family pet and neighbor.

There are many myths that surround the American Pitbull Terrier. I have been a breeder of this fine Pitbull breed for over 15 years. I’ve heard it all, from they are born mean to they have locking jaws. Both of which are myths. Can the Pitbull be aggressive? Sure it can. So can a Golden Retriever, or a Poodle. It all depends on how you raise your pet. The key to raising a friendly dog is socialization. Socializing your dog means going to the dog park on a regular basis, meeting new people and dogs of all ages and sizes. 

The best way to train an pitbull puppy is with repetition, research, and patience. You must repeat the training methods daily for your pup to learn the information and retain it.

Pitbull Puppies

The more you socialize your pitbull at a young age, the better they will be when they get older. Although socializing your pitbull is the key element in raising a well behaved and non-aggressive pitbull, proper training is also required. Any time you see your pitbull puppy becoming aggressive or misbehaving you need to correct them immediately. The very last thing you want to do when your puppy is being aggressive is pet them. This will only reinforce their aggression. You must tug on their collar and firmly say, “NO”. This will send the message that they are in the wrong and you disprove of their behavior.

While taking pitbull puppies to the dog park will help them behave properly around other dogs, they will also need to see new people each day. They can socialize with neighborhood kids, friends, and family. All of this is necessary for them to know how to behave around people.

Once your dog becomes older they will remember the interactions they had with other dogs and people and will know that aggression is unacceptable and will become a well behaved dog. While some dogs are naturally non aggressive, there are others that are quite the contrary. Aggression is not only a trait that is taught and learned, sometimes aggression can be a trait that is inherited.

When your are learning how to train a pitbull puppy, choosing the right Bloodline can make your job much easier.

 While most breeds of dogs are non aggressive, there are certain breeds that tend to be more aggressive. There are also certain bloodlines within the breeds that are more aggressive that others. For instance, the pitbull bloodline known as gottiline is a bloodline that tends to be non aggressive.

This is a pitbull bloodline created on the west coast and is a short, wide, and stocky bloodline. It was created by Richard Barajas in Los Angeles California. The foundation dog was a dog know as Juan Gotty. He has sired over 1,000 pitbulls and his bloodline can be found through out the world.

These bloodlines were bred to be ripped athletes with family and dog oriented temperaments.

Colby PitBull

Colby Pitbulls are an example of a  pitbull that was bred with one thing in mind; winning fights. This disqusting practice of dog fighting is illegal.

Two separate bloodlines, one easier to work with and you may want to take this into consideration when purchasing a dog of any breed. One question you would want to ask the pitbull breeder is, do you dogs come from a game line? Game bred dogs are bred to be fighters where as bully style pitbulls are bred to be family dogs. Although game dogs can be great family dogs, bully style pitbulls become family dogs more naturally. You may find a game bred pitbull more aggressive towards other animals, not just dogs.

Some of the most popular PitBull Bloodlines list:

  • Razors Edge PitBulls
  • Greyline
  • Colby
  • Gator
  • Boudreaux
  • Carver
  • Chinaman
  • Red Boy
  • Petersons
  • Gotti Pitbulls

A vintage photo of a “Colby Pitbull”

Human Aggression in dogs

PitBull aggression towards other dogs is becoming a thing of the past. With pitbull fighting outlawed years ago, people are starting to adapt to the idea of a family dog being a pitbull. When people say that a pitbull is human aggressive, there is something seriously wrong with that picture. Even 200 years ago when pitbulls were bred, they were never bred to be human aggressive. This is a trait that is unacceptable and pitbulls that were human aggressive were never bred. 

Choosing The right Dog Supplements and Food for your PitBull Puppies

Choosing the right pitbull supplements and food is just as important as learning how to train a pitbull puppy and socializing your dog. The first thing you want to look for in your pitbull muscle builder, is a product that not only builds muscle, but also provides a variety of vitamins for your dog. Vitamins like Vitamin C will keep your dog’s immune system strong. There are many quality dog foods on the market. However, you want to choose a dog food that is high in protein and has no grain or corn in it. There are a number of good dog foods, however Diamond, Victor, Evo, Blue Buffalo, and Merrick’s are some of the best foods to go with your pitbull muscle building supplements from K9healthy.